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  recsAccuracy Evaluates approximation accuracy
  SE = recsAccuracy(MODEL,INTERP,S) evaluates the accuracy of the approximation
  defined in the interpolition structure INTERP for the model defined in the
  object MODEL. The accuracy is assessed over the state variables contained
  in the n-by-d-by-y array S, as output by resSimul. recsAccuracy returns a
  n*y-by-d matrix SE containing the state variables on which the accuracy was
  MODEL is an object created by recsmodel.
  INTERP is a structure, which includes the following fields:
     cx      : coefficient matrix of the interpolation of the response variables
     fspace  : a definition structure for the interpolation family (created by
               the function fundef)
  SE = recsAccuracy(MODEL,INTERP,S,OPTIONS) evaluates the accuracy with the
  parameters defined by the structure OPTIONS. The fields of the
  structure are
     extrapolate      : 1 if extrapolation is allowed outside the
                        interpolation space or 0 to forbid it (default: 1)
  [SE,LEE] = recsAccuracy(MODEL,INTERP,S,...) returns the matrix LEE containing
  the value of Euler equation error (in log10) evaluated on the grid points SE.
  [SE,LEE,lEF] = recsAccuracy(MODEL,INTERP,S,...) returns the nxy-by-m matrix
  lEF containing the value of equilibrium equation error (in log10) evaluated on
  the grid points SE. For models with finite bounds, this error is assessed
  using a minmax formulation: Ef = abs(min(max(-f,LB-x),UB-x)).
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