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  recsDecisionRules Plots a model decision rules
  RESULT = recsDecisionRules(MODEL,INTERP) plots a model decision rules
  successively with respect to each state variables, while holding others fixed
  at their steady-state values. The state space of interpolation is used to
  determine the range of variation and 100 points are used in each
  dimension. recsDecisionRules produces a figure by state variable, with as many
  suplots as there are control variables. RESULT is a 1xd structure array with
  fields s and x, respectively the state variables values used to draw the
  decision rules and the control variables values.
  RESULT = recsDecisionRules(MODEL,INTERP,STATES) plots the decision rules with
  respect to the state variables indexed by the vector STATES.
  RESULT = recsDecisionRules(MODEL,INTERP,STATES,S0) plots the decision rules
  with respect to the state variables defined in STATES while holding the other
  state variables fixed at the values defined in S0. S0 is an n-by-d matrix, n
  indexing the different combinations of state variables on which the decision
  rules are plotted. If n>1, the different decision rules are plotted on the
  same figures.
  RESULT = recsDecisionRules(MODEL,INTERP,STATES,S0,SPACE) plots the decision
  rules on the intervals and for a number of points defined in SPACE. SPACE is a
  matrix in which the first row contains the lower bounds of the intervals, the
  second row contains the upper bound, and the third row the number of points to
  use in each dimension. The columns correspond to the state variables indexed
  in STATES.
  RESULT = recsDecisionRules(MODEL,INTERP,STATES,S0,SPACE,OPTIONS) plots the
  decision rules with the parameters defined by the structure OPTIONS. The
  fields of the structure are those used in recsSimul.
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