Function Help: recsinterpinit View code for recsinterpinit Function Reference
  recsinterpinit Prepares an interpolation structure for RECS
  INTERP = recsinterpinit(N,SMIN,SMAX) creates a structure of interpolation
  in which N designates the order of approximation (if scalar, the same order is
  applied for all dimensions), and SMIN and SMAX are size-d vectors of left and
  right endpoints of the state space. recsinterpinit returns the structure
  INTERP with the following fields:
     fspace       : a definition structure for the interpolation family
     Phi          : the basis matrix at collocation nodes
     s            : a prod(N)-by-d matrix that represents the state variables
                    on the grid.
  INTERP = recsinterpinit(N,SMIN,SMAX,METHOD) use the string METHOD to define
  the interpolation method, either spline ('spli', default), linear
  interpolation ('lin'), or Chebyshev polynomials ('cheb').
  INTERP = recsinterpinit(N,SMIN,SMAX,METHOD,OPTIONS) uses the structure OPTIONS
  to create the interpolation structure. The fields of the structure are order :
  for a spline interpolation, it is the order of the spline (default: 3)
  [INTERP,S] = recsinterpinit(N,SMIN,SMAX,...) returns the prod(N)-by-d matrix
  S, which represents the state variables on the grid.