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  recsmodel Prepares a recsmodel object
  recsmodel uses dolo (, a Python
  preprocessor, to convert the model described in a Yaml file to a file readable
  by MATLAB and RECS programs. In the conversion, dolo calculates the analytic
  representation of all partial derivatives.
  MODEL = recsmodel(INPUTFILE) converts a model Yaml file, indicated by the
  string INPUTFILE, to a m-file, readable by MATLAB and RECS programs. It
  returns MODEL an object containing the name of the model m-file, its
  parameters, and other properties.
  MODEL = recsmodel(INPUTFILE,SHOCKS) prepares in MODEL the shocks
  information by using the structure SHOCKS. The fields of the SHOCKS define the
  parameters of a multivariate normal distribution and its approximation by
  gaussian quadrature. They are
     Mu    : 1-by-q vector of mean
     order : 1-by-q vector (or scalar) defining the number of nodes of each
             shock variables in the gaussian quadrature. If a scalar is passed,
             it is extended to allow the same number of nodes for all variables.
     Sigma : q-by-q, symmetric, positive-semidefinite, covariance matrix
  If the shocks do not follow a multivariate normal distribution, the shocks
  information has to be produce manually.
  to name the m-file containing the model.
  defined by the structure OPTIONS. The fields of the structure are
     display          : 1 to display the steady state if found (default: 1)
     eqsolver         : solver used to find the steady state 'fsolve', 'lmmcp'
                        (default), 'ncpsolve' or 'path'
     eqsolveroptions  : options structure to be passed to eqsolver
     Python           : 1 to call Python directly instead of the executable file
                        (default: 0, only for Windows and for developement)